Inspiration does not have an address. Inspiration and innovation can come from the most unexpected places. At Lands’ End we draw inspiration from our heritage and our Midwestern roots. From the time our founder, Gary Comer, first set sail in Lake Michigan we at Lands’ End have taken the best of the Midwest and brought it to our customers.

            Another such innovator was Frank Lloyd Wright. He was born and made his home right here in Wisconsin just a short drive from our headquarters in Dodgeville. Wright’s home is called Taliesin. It sits on the brow of a hill overlooking a valley whose picturesque and bucolic landscape seemingly knows no bounds. It was that landscape that inspired Wright. His organic designs blurred the line between landscape and home.

            The men’s design team here at Lands’ End was recently lucky enough to take a tour of Taliesin. Here are a few of the images we captured.

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